Wednesday 14 May 2014

Status Update - Continuing as Ever

Hey all,

Just writing to keep you all updated. Personally, I would've liked a lot more to update with at this point, but both FAPCOM and Dartred are busy for the next couple of weeks, and even then, we have so much to do in regards to the new areas.

I remain hopeful as ever, but I need your help! Please check out here:
I am concerned about the potential difference in art style, but I can make adjustments to things sent in.

Below you will find one of the Cerberus Game Over images (drawn by Dartred) that I have coloured in, shaded, and added extras to. There are still some changes to make, but I need to know if there's anything I should focus on, so please give me your feedback!

Again, thank you for your continued patience. I know it's slow, but we'll get there!


Thursday 27 February 2014

Forum is GO!

Following up on the request that I posted a couple of days ago, a couple of you said you'd be willing to help out if there wasn't any commitment and if you could just post on a forum... and thus, the RE:P forum is go!

Check it out here:

Do read the rules before posting, don't want a lawsuit on my hands. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with/talk about! :D


Tuesday 25 February 2014

Status Update & Call for help!

Hey everyone, been a while I know...

So I've been busy with real life stuff as always. My grades have dropped a little, but still averaging a first overall, and I have been very busy working in studios on various projects. (Hopefully one of these will be paid, although I'm more after getting recognition.)

I have gone back over the GO image I posted a while ago, made some alterations, but mainly improved on the colors and shading. (and Rebecca no longer has a sickly skin color) I'm still not finished with it, but it's a lot closer to completion than it was last time I posted it. As always, please post critique.

I have also started work on the second GO image (Multiple zombies), using a very nice porno as reference. More to come on that...

A more urgent matter:

As the title says, this is also a call for help. The recent communications with FAPCOM has told me he is unable to continue both sprites, animations and environments. Most pixel art sites I have been on get very little traffic, and I doubt the few that are on them would be interested in doing tiles for an adult game.

Neither me nor FAPCOM want to stop this (I already said I won't), but it would make time go much faster between updates if we could get an additional hand. I know I probably should've asked for this help a long time ago, but it didn't seem as urgent as it is now. Here's some examples of the work you'll be expected to do:

Lastly, I have been working on the new area a bit, introducing an NPC, including their dialogue and event. (No spoilers on this one...) I won't spoil the extra surprise I have planned for next update, but I've been working on that too.

I've recently been encountering problems with the zombie pathfinding, and the fact they get stuck on a large number of objects. I'll need to look into this one, but this seems like a big problem. Hopefully I'll get it fixed sooner rather than later.

As always, thanks for following and supporting. Not sure where I'd be right now without you guys.


Friday 10 January 2014

First Update of 2014

So, I was very late with this, and I took the first holiday I've had in many months for Christmas. I've been working on the Casino and something a little more secret, but I don't want to release either of those until they're fully completed, so you have more to keep you occupied than just one or two new areas.

However, since the majority vote is to see the new dog animations, you can find the updated version that includes the 5 knotted animations in-game (both Laboratory and in-game). In-game, the knotted scene happens at random when grappled from behind by a Cerberus, and features a different mechanic to the other grapples.

Update also features:

- Room names
- Added variations to death sprite (which you can also find in Laboratory, I'll let you figure it out!)
- Added preview to Boutique
- Clothing damage is now a grapple

Also, I will be responding to the comments you made in the last post. Please check those out if you posted something (especially those of you who offered your help!)

On a non-REP-related note, getting above 85% for my course now!

Thank you all for your patience

P.S. I have not yet got round to reducing file size of music clips by using .ogg files. Next update will include that.

Thursday 7 November 2013

'Keep Sane' Update

Hey everyone,

I am fully aware that this is not a post about RE: P, and it will be the last post I make about 'Keep Sane' here. I've started up a separate blog for that project, which you can see here:

I've updated the game with dynamic 'Tainted Ground' and randomised enemy/item spawns. If you're interested, go check it out.


Monday 4 November 2013

Status Update

Hey everybody,

Ok, so this forward momentum keeps changing every two seconds. Things have barely moved forward since the last update, so I didn't think it'd be worth making an update. However, you guys requested them, so I'll keep to your wishes.

Last email from FAPCOM was on 13th last month, which he said he was upset things weren't getting done on his end as well, and that he needed to sort out some errands for next year. Again, we have lives to uphold outside of this project.

That aside, I worked more on 'Keep Sane'. You can check out the updated version here:!VRBTXJbC!BAVTgyHAMrh1itg44np5yQSoXBYHVZ04OeiRMdYPsAE

Again, Controls are:

WSAD - Move
CTRL - Sprint (New)
Left Mouse - Use/Fire (Only use at the moment)

Menu - W, S - Move, Z - Select

Updates include:

- Blob of death (that is going to be an enemy)
- Intro cutscenes going up to the first proper level
- some 3D sound, going to play with it a lot more for this game
- Music

Bear in mind that no animations are done yet, and most sprites/tiles are placeholders.

Let me know your thoughts.


Thursday 17 October 2013

I'm back, k?

Hey again everybody... I know I was gone for a bit, but I've been very busy with my life and doing as best I can at my course (which is going fantastic, one of the best in the class and on par for above 80%).

FAPCOM got back to me on the 1st of this month, and since then I've been working on implementing all the sprites he's been sending me way in the game. What has he sent me? We have 5 rounds of the dog knotting animation. That's right, 5! Since the gameover is unlike the others (as in, it is the enemy' special) I wanted to extend it out a bit.

I've also been making some of the new areas (Obviously without some nice looking scenery). I'll go ahead and let you guys know that the laboratory this time is hidden beneath a casino. I'm still trying to work out the full floor plan of it, but the exterior and parts of the interior is finished. As I've said before, I will release when the next area is ready. I'm being kept very busy (as is FAPCOM), we're working when we can.

Cheers for sticking around,


P.S. For all you haters, I have a very special present for you:

Monday 2 September 2013


So as promised, here's the present: One of the GO images. It's still incomplete, I've only done basic shading for the zombie, and there needs to be a bit more work on Rebecca. However, I've spent the last week and a half on this. Please give your critique!

The second present (What, two?!) is both an image and an introduction. On the above photo I had help (with some of the highlighting, sweat and hair) by a fan that's recently been helping out with artwork and some spriting for the new project 'Keep Sane'. So, introducing Unforgiven7120 to the team with this teaser pic of the main character:

Sorry it's not a game update (Hopefully I didn't give the impression that it was) but I hope this all satisfies your cravings for now. Again, this was meant as a thank you for your continued (and lengthy) support!


Tuesday 27 August 2013

A Momentous Occasion!

Well, it happened. As of 26/08/2013:

This blog hit 500,000 views!

I'm shocked how devoted the fans of this game are. I've spoken to a couple of the long-term fans (Who have followed it since the project started in 2011!), and I can say you're all awesome people (This page wouldn't be getting 700-1000 views a day otherwise!)

I know this hasn't been the most efficient in terms of output, but it will be finished. You probably know this to be my mentality already anyway.

Now, I did want to have something done for this time. It's not done yet, but I will be editing this post sometime this week with my little present :D

Take care, and much love to you all.


P.S. Rebecca sends her love too :P

Saturday 24 August 2013

Something Different...

 So, got another status update!

This week I was working on the GO images, and more GMod posing for them. I have 3 images in the works atm (2 zombie and 1 death image). However, that's not the something different...

I decided to help myself relieve the stress of coding by starting up something new (Since RE:Progeny has so many resources and scripts it's hard to keep track of them). This new project will be an action-horror game by the name of 'Keep Sane'. This will not be taking over RE: Progeny, I'm simply using it as something to relieve coding stress.

It was a test of dynamic lighting and the ability to have the player' limbs independent (of course, this is only demonstrated by upper and lower body.)

 You can check out the short thing I whipped up here:!pR4yAIaC!D2XzVBaj44DtVYMgup_5NF16_RgDKMdzq_5J2Z8VBog

Controls are:

WSAD - Movement
Right mouse - Aim (No weapon shooting atm)
Z - Restart upon death
F4 - Fullscreen (Recommended)
Escape - Exit Game

The enemies are as follows:

'Tainted Ground' - Fun little tentacle covered ground
'Screamer' - Chases you and creates damaging pulses (You take more damage the closer you are to the Screamer)

I have more ideas for enemies, but for now I just wanted to focus on the lighting and movement.

No sound, graphics look bad, and no H, but was just a gameplay and coding test

Also, still no word from FAPCOM. I'll contact him again...